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Citizens for Our Heights Schools supports the Cleveland Heights - University Heights City School District in many ways, including campaigning for school levies and bond issues. 

Issue 2, a 5.9-mill operating levy for the CH-UH schools, will be on the ballot on May 5th. Use the links above to donate, sign up to volunteer, identify how you plan to vote and learn more about the issue.

It’s the smallest levy in decades, and the smallest amount necessary to keep our schools going forward without deep cuts. With Issue 2, we can:
  • Keep reading programs that ensure all students read at or above grade level by 3rd grade

  • Keep innovative programs that prepare our students for the world, like college prep, foreign languages, gifted education, special needs services, performing arts, and athletics

  • Keep increasing the graduation rate

  • Keep the student-teacher ratio low 
We believe that supporting our schools is an essential part of supporting our community. Vote for Issue 2 on May 5th: protect our schools and our community.