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ISSUE 109 will appear on the ballot this November for Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District voters.  It is a 5.5 mill operating levy that will go to support our schools.  The amount of the levy is the smallest operating levy that has been sought by the District in over 30 years.

Financial support for public schools from Columbus has been eroding for years.  Failure to pass the levy will result in significant cuts to teachers and programs and will negatively impact the over 5,300 students that attend Heights schools.  It may also impact the other community services provided by the District.

We need YOUR vote FOR ISSUE 109.  We also would welcome volunteers and any contributions you are willing to make -- click on the "Volunteer" or "Donate" tabs elsewhere on this page.

To learn more about this levy, click here for a short presentation that explains why we need to pass this issue.







Or click on the "MEDIA" and "VIDEOS" pages for all kinds of information regarding why you should vote FOR Issue 109 this November.  Thank you for your support!


Citizens for Our Heights Schools' 2016 levy campaign is chaired by Dallas Schubert, Lisa Hunt, and Ryan Routh. Our treasurer is Abby Botnick.